Yamaha PSR-S970 Portable Arranger Workstation


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Yamaha PSR-S970

An excellent all-round specialist this is Yamaha’s S-series flagship. The PSR-S970 includes the best sounds and features that Yamaha offer, plus extra abilities that are unique to this particular instrument.  


For maximum ability to electronically manipulate the music the PSR-S970 is fully loaded. It has two assignable live controllers, a modulation wheel, and two assignable foot pedal controls, all of which give the opportunity to use the voices and styles in any way the player wants.

To insert samples into the music the PSR-S970 has Multi-Pad controls. The Virtual Circuitry Modelling brings phaser, Wah, and compressor effects to the arranger. From the famous Tyro 5-series Yamaha have borrowed their Real Distortion and Real Reverb, giving the most authentic rendering of these effects yet. A synth vocoder is present allowing the synthesiser effects to be used on vocals; similarly the Vocal Harmony 2 feature controls pitch, level, and the number of harmonies on the vocals.

The DJ Styles feature plays a pre-set chord sequence, this frees both of the performer’s hands to interact with the diverse technical apparatus, giving ever more possibility for music creation.   


The range of voices on the Yamaha PSR-S970 is comprehensive, maintains superb standards, and is open to additions. Built into the machine there are 989 Super Articulation voices for a truly realistic representation of all well-known instruments and many other sounds. Organ Flutes!, 41 Drum/SFX voices, and 480 XG voices are also included.

By using the Yamaha Expansion Manager it is possible to customise data sets for upload onto the PSR-S970 and to create unique voices using the sample library. This is all within the capability of the PSR-S970’s large 512MB of memory.

With 450 accompaniment styles to choose from, plus the possibility of introducing new ones, there is ample scope to find one to suit. This feature inserts all the sounds of a standard backing band, following the music as it is played on the touch response keyboard, to fill out the music using only the power of the PSR-S970.

With 80 mins of recording time and a 16-track sequencer the PSR-S970 lets ambitious composers store their creations on the machine itself.


A 7” widescreen LCD display is the focus point of these abundant features, this multilingual display is clear and comprehensive and ensures interaction with the PSR-S970 is easily managed.

Connection of and to other instruments, computers, and devices is another thing that the Yamaha PSR-S970 excels at. The line-out connection streams the arranger’s sounds through an external PA system. USB drives allow data to be mounted onto the PSR-S970 and computers to be connected, essential for using software packages to produce music. MIDI connections include both IN and OUT; an aux in port links music players.

For those who feel music from their head to their toes there are foot pedal connections. A headphone jack for private playing, and when working with vocalists and musicians the mic/guitar port unleashes creative potential to flourish.


Width 1002mm
Height 148mm
Depth 437mm
Weight 11.6kg

Control Interface

61 Keys
Organ, Initial Touch
Touch Response Hard1, Hard2, Medium, Soft1, Soft2
Pitch Bend
2 Control Knobs
TFT 7 inch Colour Wide VGA LCD Display
LCD Colour Screen


Tone Generating Technology AWM Stereo Sampling
128 Polyphony
989 Voices + 41 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices
131 S.Art!, 30 Mega Voices, 31 Sweet! Voices, 74 Cool! Voices, 89 Live! Voices, 30 Organ Flutes!
Expansion Voice
Voice Set Editing
Part Right 1, Right 2, Left


Reverb : 52 Presets + 3 User
Chorus : 106 Presets + 3 User
DSP : 322 Presets(with VCM) + 10 User
Master EQ : 5 Presets + 2 User
Part EQ : 27 Parts
Mic/Guitar effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3Band EQ x 1

Accompaniment Styles

230 Preset Styles
208 Pro Styles, 12 Session Styles, 10 DJ Styles
Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
Style Control INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
Music Finder : 1,200 Records
One Touch Setting (OTS) : 4 for each Style
Expansion Style
Style File Format GE


4 Sample Preset Songs
Unlimited Songs (depends on the drive capacity)
16 Tracks
Data Capacity approx. 300 KB/Song
Quick Recording, Multi Track Recording
SMF (Format 0 & 1) and XF Playback
SMF (Format 0) Recording


8 Buttons
Registration Sequence, Freeze
Lesson/Guide Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
Tempo Range 5 - 500, Tap Tempo
Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning 414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz
Octave Button
Scale Type : 9 Presets
Direct Access
Panel Sustain
Style Creator
Style Recommender
OTS Information
Song Creator
Score Display Function
Lyrics Display Function
Multi Pad Creator
80 Minutes Recording Time
WAV Recording
WAV Playback

Storage and Connectivity

2MB Internal Memory
USB Flash Memory
FOOT PEDAL 1 (SUSTAIN), 2 (VOLUME), Function Assignable

Amplifiers and Speakers

15 W x 2 Amplifiers
12 cm x 2 Speakers

Multi Pads

179 button banks x 4 Multi Pads
Audio Link

Power Supply

PA-300C Power Supply
15 W Power Consumption
Auto Power Off Function


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