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Kurzweil MP20F Digital Piano

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Kurzweil MP20F

An excellent intermediate digital piano that has a superbly designed look and sound. It has an expertly engineered keyboard and a sophisticated sonic palate, along with many digital features that enhance a pianist’s music greatly.


The MP20F is a full sized 88-key piano. The keyboard is the Real-Grand™ Hammer Action keyboard made in Italy by Fatar. It is fully weighted, the optimum weighting for a digital piano. This weighting is graded, being heavier in the bass keys and lighter in the treble keys. It is also touch sensitive, a feature that controls the dynamism of the note according to the power the key is depressed with. The polyphony is to 64-notes, which is enough for most pieces of music that don’t require expert pedalling techniques.

There are three built-in pedals: sustain, soft, and sostenuto. There is also an input port that enables the connection of a continuous controller volume/expression pedal.


There are an impressive 200 different voices on the MP20F, all selected from Kurzweil’s CP3 Performance Controllers series. The famed Triple Strike Grand Piano voice is the main sound, this comes combined with a selection of electric pianos, organs, synths, strings, and many others.

The 4 speaker Stereo Sound System is manned by 50W amps that can give a give an extremely loud noise if required. For excellent expression of the MP20F’s sound they are aided by ported-woofer enclosures that are angled and tuned to give a beautiful deep bass sound. The treble sounds are optimised by the tweeters, located directly behind the keys. With the unique Mara sound chip and VAST architecture the sound of the MP20F is engineered to rival real acoustic grand pianos.


The control panel is easy access with well-spaced buttons clearly labelled and it has a scrolling clear blue LED display. There are 6 user pre-set buttons that can be configured to give a personalised sound combination, which can then be instantly called up. The dual ambiance and effects processors control excellent reverb and chorus effects. Split and Layer modes allow 2 different voices to be selected simultaneously.

There are 51 piano demo songs that can be played along with and 100 drum patterns covering a variety of styles that can be used to accompany playing.

There are Aux In ports that can connect external sound systems, and Aux Out ports that can connect external speakers for extra amplification. The USB type B connection allows for a wire link to a computer, enabling the use of sequencers without the need to install software drivers. There are also MIDI In/Out ports and 2 headphone jacks.


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