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Casio PX-360

The Casio PX-360 is an advanced machine and manages to pack in a multitude of features without compromising on quality or convenience. From the outstanding keyboard to the beautiful sound system and the technologically adept interactive features this is a digital piano that ticks all the boxes.


With Casio’s Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard the PX-360 has the ability to satisfy even the most exacting pianist. With three sensors detecting the position of the key, pianists using the PX-360 can play rapid repetitions on the same key, a possibility not available to lesser digital keyboards made with only two sensors. It is also graded hammer action so the keys feel heavier on the lower register and lighter on the higher, just like an acoustic piano. Superb replication of the feel of traditional ebony and ivory keys aids the pianist’s fingers by reducing slippage and improving consistency.


The sound engine in the PX-360 is incredibly precise in its detailed reproduction of an acoustic piano sound. Taken from a 9-foot concert grand the AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Sound Source has five features that give it one of the most realistic voices in the digital piano business.

Linear Morphing eases the passage between soft and loud notes. String Resonance manages the harmonic interaction between different notes, recreating the experience of vibrating strings within a wooden body, and Damper Resonance imitates the effect of these vibrating strings when the sustain pedal is being used.

Hammer Response optimises the time gap between pressing a key and hearing the sound of the note and, finally, Key Off Simulation replicates the gradual decline in the integrity of the note’s sound as it is controlled by the pianist lifting their finger off the key. In combination with the Tri-Sensor keyboard this sophistication and attention to detail gives the PX-360 a playability that is nothing short of outstanding.  

With 550 different voices encompassing a diverse range of almost every conceivable instrument the PX-360 has an inexhaustible bank of sounds to play with. Each voice is reliably high quality and can interact with its companions when using the Split and Layer modes.

Another great feature that develops the harmonies the PX-360 is capable of is the Rhythm function and there are 200 to choose from. These cover many musical genres and provide a rhythmic accompaniment that follows what is played on the keyboard to give the effect of playing with a band.

There is also the possibility for the creative pianist to make their own Rhythms using component parts such as basslines and drum patterns, and Pre-set songs that give a base including chord progressions as well as rhythmic parts.


One of the most impressive features of the Casio PX-360 is the Colour Touch Interface. A 5.3” touchscreen in full colour enables innovative navigation of the digital piano’s many features. This gives it a major advantage over its competitors in the user-friendly stakes.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the PX-360 is that despite all these features it still weighs under 12kg, making it easily transportable to gigs. Whilst the in-built speaker system is powerful enough to work in domestic situations, Aux ports and headphone jacks can link it up to external speakers and PA systems.

With MIDI connections, and USB flash drive and To Host ports the PX-360 can connect to computers and software packages, and the best can be got out of the on-board recording facilities, which include both standard recording and MIDI recording.

The features seemingly never stop on the PX-360 and the touchscreen is home to a classroom function for beginners, which is enhanced by the Duet mode that allows student and teacher to take position side-by-side on the keyboard in order to maximise the learning potential.




  Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
Sound Source
  Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source *1
Number of Polyphony (maximum) GM Level 1 standard
Temperaments 17 Preset Temperaments
Tuning Control
  A4 = 415.5Hz to 465.9Hz (initial Default : 440.0Hz)
Digital Effects
  Reverb (17 types), Chorus (16 types), Delay (6 types), Brilliance (-3 ~ 0 ~ 3), DSP (preset for some tones)
Auto Harmonizer
  200 built-in rhythms (10 user rhythms)
Auto Accompaniment Modes
  CASIO Chord
Fingered 1
Fingered 2 (6th off)
Fingered 3 (on bass)
Full Range Chord
  USB port: TYPE B
Line Out R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jack x 2
USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection
USB port: TYPE A
3-Pedal Unit Connector
Line In R, L/MONO jacks: Standard jack x 2
Phones x 2 (Stereo mini jack)
Pedals x 2 (Damper, Assignable)
Display (LCD)
5.3-inch touch panel (5.0-inch 528 x 320-dot TFT Color LCD)
Music Preset
One-touch preset: 200 sets
Including chord progressions
Audio Recorder
  Max. 100 songs
approximately 74 min/song (44.1 kHz WAV format)
MIDI Recorder
  17 tracks (1 system track + 16 multi tracks)
Capacity: Approximately 50,000 notes maximum per song (total for all song tracks)
100 songs, Punch-in/Punch-out recording
  Damper (with half-pedal operation)
Included: SP-3 (terminal x 2)
Optional: SP-33 (damper, soft, sostenuto)
Auto Accompaniment Controllers
Amp output
Power Supply
  AC Adaptor: AD-A12150LW
Accessories Included
  Comes with pedal (SP-3), AC adaptor (AD-A12150), Sheet Music Rest


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