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Casio AP-460

Mid-range in the Celviano series, the AP-460 combines a superb keyboard and sound structure with a variety of extra musical options but never strays too far from the traditional piano playing technique that is the Celviano’s forte.


The Casio AP-460 is kitted out with what has become a trademark for Casio’s digital pianos, the Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II. Engineered for pin-point accuracy by including an extra sensor to most other digital piano keyboards, the Tri-sensor excels when it comes to such techniques as the rapidly repeated playing of the same note, something native to acoustic pianos but a point on which many digital instruments have traditionally struggled.

The Tri-sensor keyboard has graded weighting, making the treble lighter than the bass notes; and 3 levels of touch sensitivity, a feature that affects the volume of the note according to how hard the pianist plays the key. These are successful attempts to copy aspects intrinsic to an acoustic keyboard that determine a pianist’s technical variety.  

The three pedals experienced pianists would expect to find on a piano are all present on the AP-460: soft, sostenuto, and sustain, which is advanced enough to be receptive to half-pedalling.


The sound that comes from the Casio AP-460 is powered by the Multi-dimensional Acoustic and Intelligence Resonator (AiR). This replicates the apparently chance driven diversity of harmonics, tones, and timbres that come through having 88 strings lined up next to each other inside a wooden box. These are all part of the charm that has made the piano the most prominent instrument in the western musical tradition. Casio have successfully replicated them, in all their unpredictable beauty, in a modern digital piano.

But since there are no strings in the AP-460 the sound has to come out somewhere. In this case there are 4 speakers that have a combined power of 40W. This is more than enough to be fully audible in a large room. The AP-460 also has a lid simulator, in which there is literally a lid over the speakers just as on a grand piano, it can be opened to give a brighter sound or kept closed for a darker sound.

There are 18 voices in the AP-460 and pride of place is given to the grand piano and electric piano voices, which have their own instant switch buttons. Layer and Split modes allow two voices to be selected at the same time. Whilst the 256-note polyphony means that no note is ever going to drop-out before it should do.


The 10 song concert library, comprising a selection of well-known classical pieces, gives the sophisticated pianist the chance to play along with a full orchestra backing them. An additional music library of 60 songs is also present, as well as 10 blank slots ready to be filled according to the user’s taste.

A lesson function, teaching both left and right hand techniques, can be used in conjunction with these songs or separately. The keyboard can be split into two equal pitch ranges in Duet mode, perfect for a teacher/pupil situation.

The Casio AP-460 is also fully connectable with MIDI ports that enable it to link with other instruments. An Aux In port allows the connection of external speakers and music players. The USB drive allows the AP-460 to speak to computers and is a great feature to use in combination with the recording facility. And the two headphone jacks ensure that private playing is always an option.


Keys 88 Simulated Ebony and Ivory keys
Keyboard - Action Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
Keyboard - Touch Response 3 sensitivity levels, off
Keyboard - Key Off Simulator Yes


Sound - Source Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR
Sound - Polyphony (maximum) 256


Tones - Built In 18 built-in tones: Grand Piano (Modern, Classic, Variation), Elec Piano, FM E. Piano, 60‘s E. Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ Jazz Organ, Elec Organ 1 & 2, Strings 1 & 2, Bass 1 & 2
Tones - Resonance Hammer, Damper, String
Tones - Lid Simulator Yes
Tones - Layer/Split Yes

Digital Effects

  Hall Simulator (4 types), Reverb (4 types), Chorus (4 types), Brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)

Music Library

Tunes 60 Music Library tunes
Song Expansion (User Tune) 10
Ensemble Library Yes (10 Presets), Concert Play


Function Part ON/OFF
Part Right Hand, Left Hand
Duet Mode Yes


  0-9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255

Recorder (Song Memory)

  2 tracks, 1 song, app’ 5,000 notes


Number 3 pedals (damper/soft/sostenuto)
Half-pedal Operation (damper) Yes

Key Transpose

  25 steps (–12/+12 semitones)

Tuning Control

  A4=440Hz ±99 cent



Other Functions and Features

  GRAND PIANO Buttons (Modern, Classic), ELEC PIANO Button, Selectable Temperament Octave Shift, Operation Lock, Slide-type Keyboard Cover


Headphones 2 (stereo standard)
Line OUT 2 (L/MONO, R; standard)


Size 12cm x 2 + 5cm x 2
Amplifier 20W + 20W
4 speakers/ 2-way system Yes

Size W x D x H ( with stand)

  1,377 x 427 x 840 mm

Weight ( with stand)



  AC Adaptor, Score Book, Headphones Hook




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