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Broadway MK10 Digital Grand Player Piano

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Broadway MK10

A beautiful machine, the Broadway MK10 is a high-end digital piano; the flagship of the Broadway imprint. It has the ability to play itself, a sound quality that is one of the best in the industry, a keyboard that is in perfect harmony with a pianist’s technical skill, and a whole host of additional features.


The Broadway MK10 is fitted with an excellent 88-note keyboard that is fully-weighted, the optimum level of digital piano keyboard weighting, which most accurately represents the feel of a real acoustic piano. This weight will also feel different depending where the key is located on the keyboard, so keys in the higher register are lighter and keys on the lower register are heavier. There are 4 dynamic levels of touch sensation, a determination of the volume level according to how hard the keys are pressed; the harder they are pressed the louder they sound to 1 of 4 levels. A sliding key cover will keep to the keys clean and dust free when the MK10 is not in use.

The Broadway MK10 has a 128-note polyphony, ensuring that no note will be cut out before it should be, even in harmonically diverse pieces of music that employ the sustain pedal. A sustain pedal that is joined on the MK10 by soft and sostenuto pedals, giving it the full complement of pedals found on acoustic grand pianos.


The voices on the Broadway MK10 were developed with Real Orchestra Sound Source version 4 and sampled in high quality stereo, giving then a stunning realism. With 128 voices the MK10 has plenty of variety, this range includes instruments from all families and many more unexpected voices as well. By activating the Split mode the pianist can use two of these voices at once, giving them a half of the keyboard each. The Layer mode, similarly, allows two different voices to be selected and sounded at the same time using the whole keyboard.

The MK10 is well stocked with accompaniment styles, housing 80 in total, covering all well-known musical genres and their variations. These styles, when switch on, are activated by the music that the pianist plays, using it as a prompt from which to sound the rhythmic accompaniment that might be expected were the K10 being played as part of a band.

With 8 levels of reverb and 8 of chorus the MK10 is also heavy on effects, this diversity gives the musician generous options when it comes to adding richness to the sound.

A six speaker sound system with amps that give out a big 90 watts of noise make the MK10 a powerful instrument, more than capable of filling even a medium sized concert venue with its music. However, there are multiple electronic connections that can also attach it to even louder external speakers or a venue’s PA system should this be desired.


A large, backlit LCD screen makes navigation of the many features and options included on the MK10 clear and easy, and it also comes with a remote controller.

The music player system actually uses the keys of the MK10 to playback any 1 of 1000 songs, turning the MK10 into a self-playing piano. SMF files, imported using the SD external memory card, enable the playback of any of this massive bank of songs, all freely downloadable from the internet. The unique Broadway solenoid motor system ensures the keys move with superb fluidity, making all mechanical noise imperceptible.

So that the pianist can capture the music that they play on it the MK10 has a double track recording facility, which records the music straight onto the removable SD memory card. It is quick and easy to then export this music onto a computer for playback or to combine it, using software, with other recordings to make a complete song.

With MIDI In/Out and Aux In/Out ports the MK10 is only a cable away from connection with computers, audio players, smartphones, and other instruments. A microphone port and 2 headphone jacks give the MK10 further capabilities that help to drown out many other digital grand pianos available on the market.       

88 full size, fully-weighted keys
Graded hammer action
Touch sensitive keys (4 levels)
Sliding key cover (covers the keys when not in use)
128 voices
Rhythm styles x 80
Accompaniment control start/stop, synch, intro/ending, fill 1/fill 2, variation/fade
3 pedals (sustain, soft, sostenuto)
Headphone connections x 2 (two players can play at the same time)
Master volume control (you can turn the sound down late at night)
Volume control for split/layer/accompaniment
128 note polyphony
Record/Playback (2 track recorder, load to SD card)
Computer connection
USB in
USB midi interface
Audio IN/OUT – (Auxillary IN/OUT)
Audio out
SD card in
External memory SD card
SMF/AMD player with direct load to SD memory card
VP player
Music player system with SD memory card
Microphone in
Reverb (8 levels)
Keyboard split
Chorus (with level control, 8 levels)
Pedal connection
Master tune
Registration 5
Large Backlit LCD Display (128 X 64 Graphic LCD) with remote controller
ROS V.4 sound source
Made in Indonesia
Colours: Polished Ebony, Polished White

Speaker wattage: total 90 watts
6 speaker sound system: 2 x 25.4cm (10 inch) and 4 x 5.1cm (2 inches)

Width 143cm (56.3 inches)
Depth 138cm (54.3 inches)
Height 99cm (39 inches)
Weight 95kg

3 pedals
Music rest
AC power adaptor
Owner's manual/User manual in English
Assembly instructions (piano will be assembled by us)

Real Orchestra Sound Source 'ROS Version 4'
To achieve a more authentic sound, the 32MB new ROS version 4 was developed. The Broadway BG1 has a huge 32MB
stereo sound source including a 12MB grand piano sound plus 20MB realistic orchestra sounds. All piano sampling is
done in stereo to preserve the natural imaging of the sound. Different dynamic levels are copied from a real,
acoustic concert grand piano. This enhances the sound.

RHA Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
RHA (Real Hammer Action) simulates the natural touch and playing performance of an acoustic grand piano. It
offers a smooth and responsive feel. The Keyboard doesn't use springs, instead its action is provided by hammer
weight, which gives it an authentic piano feel.

128-Note Polyphony
Conventional digital pianos quickly run out of notes when playing complex music. But the Broadway MK10 offers a
maximum 128-note polyphony, so you won't run out of notes.

SMF Player with SD Memory Card
Simply select an SMF file for playback and watch the automatic keyboard as it plays the music. The Broadway BG1
houses a SD card, so you can input music data from a SD memory card. The SMF player allows you to enjoy the player
piano without any modification of the SMF file.

Player Grand Digital Piano
The MK10 is a high-end player piano. Broadway's moving keys system is quite amazing. It's possible for the keys
to move very quietly by using the solenoid motor from Broadway's unique technology. The MK10 is different from
other player pianos which require the installation of an expensive music library. The MK10 offers over 1,000 songs.
Users can download the updated library for free from the web. In addition, the external SD memory card allows you to
load and save songs more efficiently and conveniently.


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