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Broadway BG1 Digital Baby Grand Piano

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Broadway BG1

As well as eye-catching beauty this digital piano has meat on its bones too. It is a digital baby grand piano and copies the icon shape but in a daintier form. With a fully comprehensive and responsive keyboard, powerful and various sound quality, and essential digital connectivity the Broadway BG1 is one to watch in more ways than one. 


The Broadway BG1 is built with an excellent keyboard that mimics the style of a real grand piano. It is fully-weighted so that it most accurately reflects the resistance that comes naturally to an acoustic piano’s keyboard. It has four dynamic levels of touch sensation, the volume of the sound is determined by this; to have four levels gives the BG1 increased subtlety over the standard digital keyboard. To round the excellence of the keyboard off it is also made with Graded Hammer Action, so that the weight of the keys, like a real grand piano, is lighter on the treble and heavier on the bass notes. 

The BG1 has 128-note polyphony, which refers to the number of notes that can sound at the same time without any cutting out, this is more than enough for even the most complex pieces of music. A transpose feature enables change of pitch tuning so the BG1 can play with other instruments based in a different key. With three pedals, soft, sustain, and sostenuto, the BG1 more than matches many acoustic based pianos.


With 128 voices the BG1 is packed with the variety to maximise creative potential. These can be best used in conjunction with the Spilt mode, where the BG1 can use two different voices, one on each half of the keyboard; and the Layers mode, in which the BG1 sounds two voices at the same time across the whole keyboard.

With 80 rhythm styles the pianist can easily experience what it’s like to play with a backing band in a number of different musical genres. An accompaniment controller here manages the backing style according to start/stop, fills, and variation/fade. The BG1 also includes a chorus effect and 8 different reverb effects.

The speakers included here are very generous and work together to emit a powerful noise. There are six amps in total that, in combination, produce 90 watts worth of sound, enough to comfortably fill a small to medium sized concert hall. There is a master volume control, as well as secondary volume control that is used when two voices are being sounded or when an accompaniment style is in operation.


In order that it can be linked to computer software and other instruments the BG1 is punctuated with plenty of connection ports. MIDI In/Out allows connection to other instruments and computers. Aux In/Out similarly creates a direct link to tablets, music players, and smart phones. A USB drive facilitates the transfer of electronic data, and an SD memory card slot expands on the existing memory already built into the Broadway BG1. Vital when used in conjunction with the two track record/playback facility.

More traditional musical jacks present are two headphone slots and a microphone connection, which, aside from their obvious uses, expand the connectivity options when it comes to external speaker and PA systems.  

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This Broadway BG1 digital baby grand piano is a wonderful example of musical technology with its touch sensitive keys and resonance which can turn your very own home into a concert hall.

With the BG1 you have a world of opportunities at your fingertips. From Mozart to Pop, it works for all genres of music you play. It's an excellent resource for beginners to help them get used to the feel and sound of a piano type instrument and unlocking their true musical potential.

The Broadway BG1 is an affordable instrument which quality rivals that of more expensive brands. It also comes in a variety of colours to suit any environment and setting.

You won't regret purchasing this amazing piano as your hands glide across the keys and the music fills you with pleasure.

88 full size, fully-weighted keys
Graded hammer action
Touch sensitive keys (4 levels)
Sliding key cover (covers the keys when not in use)
3 pedals (sustain, soft, sostenuto)
Headphone connections x 2 (two players can play at the same time)
Master volume control (you can turn the sound down late at night)
Volume control for secondary voices
10 voices
262 GM voices
Twin piano
64 note polyphony
Computer connection
Keyboard split
Chorus (with level control)
Pedal connection
Master tune
Accompaniment control start/stop, intro/ending, fill 1/fill 2, variation/fade
High quality stereo sound sample source
Simple control panel
Wooden stand and 3 pedals included
Made in South Korea

RHA Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
RHA (Real Hammer Action) simulates the natural touch and playing performance of an acoustic grand piano. It
offers a smooth and responsive feel. The Keyboard doesn’t use springs, instead its action is provided by hammer
weight, which gives it an authentic piano feel.

Speaker wattage: total 14 watts
4 way speaker system: 2 x 13.5cm (5.3 inches) and 2 x 5cm (2 inches)

Width 139.5cm (55 inches)
Depth 40cm (15.7 inches)
Height 81.5cm (32.1 inches)
Weight: 45kg

3 pedals
Music rest
AC power adaptor
Owner’s manual/User manual in English
Assembly instructions


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